June 21 - July 22

If you were born within the date range above, congratulations! You're a Sphere. Here's what that says about you:

Others may perceive you to be well-rounded, and you are good at everything you do. However, there is a lot of tension and stress in your life as you attempt to balance everything. It takes a lot of effort on your part to appear so smooth and easy-going.

This effort pays off, though. You are able to find things in common with any other Math-strological sign. You are also able to fit in with practically any group of people that you want.

When it comes to career, your myriad of hard-earned skills and certifications make you a great fit for any job you could want. You have been described as “perfect” more times than you can count, so you might as well add it to your resume. Just try not to get overwhelmed by the choices, as nearly every field could use your know-how.