Hyperbolic Paraboloid

December 22 - January 19

If you were born within the date range above, congratulations! You're a Hyperbolic Paraboloid. Here's what that says about you:

Others may describe you as contradictory. You can often see both the positive and negative aspects of a situation easily. You would describe yourself as a realist. Focusing on only the pros may work for some, but you know that the picture isn’t complete without looking at the cons, as well.

Others tend to assume that you are salty, stackable, and have no issues with confined spaces. They’re not too far off. You are very sociable, but you thrive indoors, and you have been known to act out of spite on occasion.

You have many friends as a result of your empathetic nature, but you get along especially well with Cylinders. One would be hard pressed to find a Hyperbolic Paraboloid who isn’t close friends with at least one Cylinder.